Getting started


For help starting out, check out the Community Energy Hub for advice on everything from group structures and governance, to monitoring, evaluation and working with local authorities.



Useful resources:


‘Understand the disruptive potential of blockchain in the energy sector’

This free online course from Future Learn will help you to understand how blockchain works, as well as the background, value proposition and geopolitical context that brought it to the centre of everyone’s attention.

The course will offer a clear overview of how and why blockchain will take over the energy sector, optimising old processes and empowering the customers like never before. This will create a new paradigm, where users can buy and sell energy from and to each other – making local and renewable energy an even more rewarding.


Understanding Energy Storage: The Battery Revolution

With more energy coming from renewable sources and a rising demand for stable energy supply, the world needs flexible energy storage. Batteries might be the answer.

On this free online course from Future Learn, you will learn about the applications of energy storage in different sectors including transport and power. You will examine the benefits of using battery energy storage for industrial products, like in underground mining. You will also discover the battery production supply chain.


Approaches to community consultation and engagement 

This document from the Centre for Sustainable Energy can provide some inspiration about the critical stage of engaging with new and existing communities!