In-life services

Once a solar panel project goes live there is a long haul of monitoring and administration. A typical solar pv project will be over a 20 year period to match the Feed In Tariff period, so someone/somesystem will need to take readings and take action if there is downtime.

Services include:

  • Panel monitoring products and services
  • Production of bills for charging for generated electricity
  • FIT provider
  • Share registration admin for share schemes
  • Account admin and production of annual accounts
  • Insurance
  • CEL does not recommend any of these providers, but at least one group has used them. Please use the contact form if you would like to discuss their experience.

    Ecolution Maintenance Services
    Ecolution offer the following services:
    - Feed-in Tariff (FIT) - Register with FIT supplier, manage FIT payments.
    - Remote meter readings
    - Remote monitoring -
    and fixing the issue
    - Annual maintenance - visual inspection, electrical testing
    - Quarterly report

    Ecolution use a Portal, such as an Orsis portal  for half hour usage and (informal) export data. “Orsis are a leading manufacturer and supplier of solar PV metering and monitoring solutions. We have a wealth of experience in individual single phase systems and large scale, multiple installations for housing associations and local authorities.”

    JoJu Solar Operations and Maintenance Services

    “Joju offer both reactive and preventative O&M services for systems we have installed and those we haven’t. We believe that a well installed system will encounter few issues and, therefore, we actively encourage customers to avoid getting tied in to long-term and costly maintenance contracts.”

    JoJu also has a bespoke Portal for O&M customers.

  • Ofgem maintain the list of the 10 Mandatory and other Voluntary FIT Licensees.

    You can approach any of these for their FIT and Export Tariff services, which are:

    • “Assess installations against the criteria for Microgeneration Certificate Scheme (MCS) certified registration, and (where applicable) the energy efficiency requirements and the multi installation rate
    • Register and make FIT payments to eligible FIT generators and nominated recipients
    • Ensure that the information provided by the FIT generator is accurate
    • Update the Central FIT Register (CFR) as required
    • Verify meter readings provided by FIT generators.”

    Some will require specific (and sometimes expensive) formal Export meters if Export tariff payments are required. (note that under 30kWp 50% of the generated electricity can be ‘deemed’ for Export payments without such a meter.

    Some will charge for their FIT services if they are not the company that provides the electricity.


  • Once more Community Energy London does not recommend any of these companies, but lists them as a starting place to find these services.

    The Registry Trust Registrars provide a helpdesk and online access to shareholders and  a variety of services for share issuing organisations “for organisations with fewer shareholders up to bespoke services for organisations with a high volume of shareholders. All of our services are supported with our quality service.

    Our helpdesk is set up to manage enquiries from shareholders as well as users from client organisations”

    Share Energy provides an admin service for several renewable energy Societies covering book-keeping, annual accounts, member database management and other backend work.

  • Once more Community Energy London does not recommend any of these companies, but lists them as a starting place to find these services.

    aQmen has developed several specialist policies for charities, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises covering the needs of the wide range of organisations found in this market.

    Nature Save offers dedicated insurance products for renewable energy.