20/10/17 – People Power London by Fleur Disney:

This concludes that one of the most important aspects of Community Energy is to make renewable and localised energy systems more visible, helping to raise awareness and inspire others.


Key findings:

  • Groups interviewed recognise the benefits of employing full-time paid staff – such as helping with managing volunteers and building momentum. Whilst no group currently has a full-time paid position, those with a paid job role are likely to struggle less as a result of inconsistent support from LAs.
  • Businesses, charities, regional authorities and national government have a crucial role to play, but the CE sector is currently under-supported by these actors; instead they largely rely on the community and third sector networks.
  • Research and anecdotal evidence suggests that people and CEGs who are involved with RE generation, are also likely to engage with energy efficiency measures. This should be encouraged and may relate to the alignment of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.
  • The concept of energy citizenship can be developed and promoted by relevant actors; increasing visibility where it is present; leading by example and publicly rewarding environmentally positive behaviours.
  • Collaboration is key to the success of CEGs in London. This report finds that increased trust, resource sharing and cooperation between CEGs, LAs, the GLA and other stakeholders are essential moving forward.


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