If you want to find out about organisations and businesses that can provide the services needed to turn a community energy group project into reality, or to manage existing ones, then read on.  To talk to groups who have used the services here please make a request using the form on the contact page. Note that CEL does not recommend any individual company.

The activities required for a successful Solar PV project broadly fall into these stages:

  • Identify possible sites
  • Speak to the people/bodies who have the rights over the roof
  • Ascertain whether it is technically feasible
  • Ascertain whether it might be financially feasible
  • Ascertain what other permissions will be needed. eg District Network Operator (DNOs)
  • Obtain all permissions, e.g. Planning Permission
  • Engage with an installer, subject to raising funds
  • Raise funds – grants, share offer etc
  • Monitor project carefully

Click on Resources to find advice and templates from Community Energy England and from Pure Leapfrog. For more information about electricity storage  click here (includes a map of DNOs on P11).

For services that cannot be sourced pro-bono by expert volunteers see Pre-live activities or In-life services for lists of providers of paid services that CEL Groups have used.

And, if you know of any other companies that would be useful for other community groups to be aware of, or have any other corrections/suggestions please use the form on the contact page to request changes to our listings.