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  • 22/09/17

    These campaigning groups are active around the issues that affect Community Energy London groups:

    • Switched On London is “campaigning for a publicly owned energy company that London can be proud of”
    • London Sustainability Exchange works to reduce London’s environmental footprint
    • 10:10 “We run positive, practical projects focussed on tackling Climate Change at the community level and turn these local actions into a force for bigger changes.”
    • Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) “CAT is an education and visitor centre demonstrating practical solutions for sustainability. We cover all aspects of green living: environmental building, eco-sanitation, woodland management, renewable energy, energy efficiency and organic growing.”
    • Elementa Consulting forming the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) addressing Greenhouse Gas emissions from London’s buildings.
  • 22/09/17

    Community Energy Groups in London are impacted by various Authorities for different aspects of their projects. These include:

    The Greater London Authority (GLA) and London Assembly (LA)

    Local Authorities

    • Every London Borough (click for directories) will have an officer responsible for implementing the Boroughs environmental policies
    • LETI is working with the London Environmental Co-ordinators Forum
    • London Councils is a cross party organisation that works across all 32 Boroughs and the City of London on many topics including Energy and Climate Change.

    Other authorities include:

    Ofgem manage the Feed In Tariff programme on behalf of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). They publish the current FIT, though that could close if oversubscribed. They don’t publish future FITs until the new Quarter starts. Note the FIT scheme is due to close at April 2019.

    The Financial Conduct Authority – Mutual Societies Explains the differences between different models of Mutual Societies and the UK rules for them. Community energy groups need to be registered with the FCA Mutual Public Register to conduct business and be eligible for government support.

    The Financial Services Compensation Scheme protects consumers when authorised financial services firms fail. However, generally Community Energy schemes are ineligible for this protection.

    District Network Operators (DNOs) manage the local ends of the electricity grid. UK Power Networks is the DNO for London. The DNO will need to give permission for connecting Community Solar to the Grid, and may make a charge. The installer of the renewable power will advise on this.